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Cory Willig 4245 Periwinkle Dr. Fort Worth, Texas 76137 0
Fun With Guns Shoppe 3375 Hwy 124 Cleveland, Arkansas 72030 0
Full gunsmith services, sales by order, FFL Transfers, custom reloading, large array of gun and shooting accessories on Ebay (productcyclone) and Facebook (Fun With Guns Shoppe).
JRP Firearms
Selling Firearms To Freedom Loving American's Since 2010 SERVICES: Transfers: $15.00 Also any Additional Guns Add $10.00 Each Lay Way Plan: 25% Down With 4 Months to pay off your Firearm. Consignment Sales: Gun Store Gets 15% of Sale Price. Ask for Form for Terms PH: 623-308-6845 Fax: 623-249-3220 Email: [email protected]